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An analysis of Boero fillers

05 May 2011

Boero fillers are the lightest and most reliable in the world: easy to apply and even easier to sand.

The proof about this is that more than 700 super yachts built during the last 30 years are protected by Boero YachtCoatings fillers.

The most important in this range is the Epolight, two-component ultra-light high-build epoxy filler. It can be used in all cases where you want to obtain an aesthetically perfect surface without greatly adding to the final weight of the yacht. It can be easily applied both on steel and aluminum surfaces: it does not run, especially in a hot climate, and it allows the applicator the ability to obtain a remarkable thickness with only one coat. It does not contain solvents, it does not shrink during the complete curing and it is easy to sand.

In addition to Epolight, the Boero range includes the following fillers:

- Epoprofile, the most recent epoxy filler easy to sand and applicable on any support after treatment, allows you to obtain homogeneous surfaces with excellent appearance and resistance to atmospheric agents.

- Epomar, a very fine filler for high quality profiling on wood, steel, aluminum and fiberglass, also on immersed surfaces. It is recommended as a finish filler for surfaces treated with high-build epoxy fillers and it can even mixed together with Epolight.

- Epospray, suitable for spray application directly on Epolight or Epomar, allows to reduce fairing and finishing times and it presents excellent characteristics such as elasticity, adhesion, sandability.

- Boerodeck, two-component epoxy filler used as undercoat for deck, without solvent, with excellent performance and self-leveling, with excellent water resistance and compression resistance, as a direct result of a particular mix of selected raw materials.

With regard to the surface preparation, follow the instructions below:
After the sanding of epoxy or polyurethane primers apply layers of filler until reaching the desired thickness. Sand between coats, blow the surface, clean with uncontaminated filtered, dry compressed air. Then apply the appropriate epoxy or polyurethane primer products. All filling work must be sanded before priming to insure good adhesion.

When using Epospray after the application of the primer and filling with Epolight or Epomar filler, the surface must be sanded and cleaned using uncontaminated, filtered, dry compressed air, then it is possible to apply Epospray. Allow 24 hours before sanding the surface.

To avoid the formation of condensation, the temperature of the surface should be at least 4° F (3° C) above the dew point. During the application and curing of the filler the min. ambient temperature must not be lower than 59° F(15° C). Substrate temperature must not be lower than 50° F (10°C), since curing is reduced at lower temperatures.

The term-hygrometric survey should be carried out near the surface to be coated. Make sure there is enough ventilation when the application takes place in closed areas.

More information can be found or the Boero website: .

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