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The TIWAL sailing dinghy is celebrating 5 years and presents its 2018 version

25 November 2017

Next January, the TIWAL will be celebrating 5 years at the Düsseldorf Boot show. To mark the occasion, the young company has upgraded its inflatable dinghy. Even more practical, more comfortable, more affordable, for even greater fun!

The TIWAL is celebrating 5 years...
In January 2013, the industrial designer, Marion Excoffon, unveiled her UFO (Unidentified Floating Object) at the Düsseldorf Boot show; a yacht that came in two bags. At the time, the innovation was received with enthusiasm and some skepticism. For the TIWAL team, they had to prove that their unique concept would indeed get around the world. And they did! Five years on, the TIWAL is a reference in the sailing world, with 750 boats sold in 45 countries, prestigious international awards and recognition from some major names in sailing. Next January, TIWAL will be celebrating 5 years at the Düsseldorf Boot show.

...and presents its 2018 version!
This year, at the Düsseldorf Boot show, Marion Excoffon will be presenting the 2018 version of the TIWAL; even more practical, more comfortable, more affordable, and with a new look. “The TIWAL evolves with our skippers. They bring it to life and we develop the product for them”, explains the designer. The TIWAL comes with a new sail. Still without a boom, its surface adapts to the wind strength. Another important development is the overall balance of the boat which has been redesigned. The dinghy is more streamlined and responsive, especially in strong winds. Wing cushion have also been added to the TIWAL range of accessories.

Founded by Marion Excoffon and Emmanuel Bertrand, TIWAL is a family company that designs and manufactures cheeky inflatable dinghies! These high-quality boats can be used on the sea or on mountain lakes.
TIWAL was invented by the bold industrial designer, Marion Excoffon. Her father refused to lend her his boat, she decided to build her own! Her determination and desire to allow everyone enjoy the pleasures of sailing led her to design the TIWAL dinghy. This new-generation sailing boat comes in two bags, can be assembled in 20 minutes, and transported in a small car.
An outing on a Tiwal is much more than just a day on the water: it’s an adventure! It is the pleasure of fun, sporting sailing, and special moments shared with family or friends.

Today, there are more than 750 TIWALs sailing throughout the world, at sea, on high mountain lakes, on rivers...The boat has received awards in the United States (Boat of the year by Sailing World), South Korea (Boat of the year), Japan (Good Design award) and Germany (prestigious Red Dot Award Best of the Best prize).