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Going Fractional: The Yacht Ownership Alternative

Every year I spend one month just sailing [...] A boat is like a magic world, like a little island. - Renzo Piano, internationally acclaimed architect

03 March 2017

There’s something incredibly alluring about spending time cruising the seas, with nothing but shimmering blue waters encircling the yacht of your dreams. As appealing as Mediterranean boating lifestyle can sound, one must be fully aware of how binding it can become before turning it into a permanent reality.

The Downsides to Owning a Yacht

Yachting Costs
If you’re thinking of buying a luxury yacht, bear in mind that your expense does not end with a firm handshake upon contract of sale. Once payment of the initial purchase price is done and dusted, a whole host of other financial demands creep up on you before you’ve even had time to celebrate your newly acquired possession. Bills for boat registration, licensing, insurance and berthing fees – with the latter three requiring annual renewal – must be settled. Not to mention a long waiting time for marine surveys to take place before you’re allowed to set off and sail away.

Expensive Yacht Maintenance
As with anything that floats, ongoing attention towards the upkeep and maintenance of your luxury motor yacht must remain constant – and it does not come cheap. Making sure your boat is in good condition is a costly commitment which every yacht owner will agree must be one of the most daunting aspects of having your own boat to care for – rain or shine.

Limited Holiday Time
With most of us leading busy lifestyles and affording very limited leisure time, the prospect of owning a yacht and not having enough holidays aboard starts to appear less and less enticing. Coupled with the fact that a yacht will need to be maintained and marina berthing fees secured all year round, even when the vessel is not in use, it quickly becomes evident that boat owners might not be getting the most out of their asset – a reality that does not make a whole lot of business sense.

Rapid Depreciation
Another problem to yacht ownership is the boating market. A yacht’s value is known to drop to a low of 40% below the initial sale price in just five years, with the actual figure becoming more substantial the higher up the luxury tier your boat lies. If you intend to re-sell in future, be prepared that there’s an inevitably considerable loss to be made.

Fractional Yacht Ownership: The Advantages of Yacht Sharing

A Financially Smarter Way to Own
There’s a smarter alternative to owning a luxury yacht, and that’s part-owning it. Consider fractional yacht ownership: a smart business plan whereby prospective owners enter a shared system of ownership, paying what is effectively a fraction of the overall cost of the boat. Co-owners can then shoulder expenses equally between them, making this an ultimately more cost-effective alternative to owning a luxury yacht alone.

More Quality Time On Board
This low-risk yacht share arrangement allows aspiring yacht owners all over the world to enjoy their slice of the boating high life without having to incur all the time-consuming hassles and costs when going it solo. Shared boat ownership allows you to focus on only the positives: more time to indulge in the boating lifestyle while helping keep the costs low and one’s on-board experience stress-free.

By buying into a part of the whole asset, as a yacht co-owner you only actually pay for the time you spend on board. It does not get any more straightforward and sensible than this.

The Azure Ultra Solution: Yacht Share in the Mediterranean

Developed as part of a portfolio of premium holiday products, Malta-based brand Azure Ultra offers unique and realistically affordable opportunities for fractional yacht ownership in the Mediterranean. Complete with flexible owner-exclusive usage options, a fully-crewed charter service and a first-class yacht management team to take care of all boat-related aspects, Azure Ultra allows you to save up to 80% financial savings over your ownership period. Find out more about Azure Ultra’s innovative yacht share programme on

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