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Mastervolt announces the Charge Mate PRO 40, a solid state relay to efficiently charge two batteries from one source

For vehicles with two batteries in a system, yet served by only one charging source, this intelligent relay connects both batteries during charging, but keeps them isolated from each other when being drained, significantly reducing the risk of a flat battery.

20 January 2017

Mastervolt, the Dutch-based leader in marine and mobile power systems, is pleased to announce the launch of the Charge Mate Pro 40, a natural advancement of the popular Charge Mate series of battery charging relays. Unlike the earlier mechanical versions, the new Charge Mate Pro 40 provides an electronic charge coupling with a very low voltage drop, making the charging of two batteries from one source at the same time both effective and efficient.

Prioritising for safety
The new Charge Mate Pro 40 limits the charge to the second battery to no more than 40 Amps and ensures the primary battery (usually an engine starter) is charged as a priority. The return current is automatically blocked, even if the secondary battery is of a higher voltage. In the event of a failing main battery, an emergency start function is available by means of an optional bypass switch.

The Charge Mate Pro can be used in any situation where a vehicle has two batteries served by only one charging source, such as when a bow thruster battery and a service battery are connected to the alternator. In this instance, the Pro 40 would ensure that the service battery is fully charged first, whilst also feeding charge to the thruster battery. The subsequent blocking of any return current from this second battery keeps the service battery in peak condition, and also prevents any power dips in the electrical network.

High build quality
As with all Mastervolt products, the Charge Mate Pro 40 has been ruggedly built for the marine environment, and is suitable for all kinds of chargers and alternators. The electronics are rated to the IP67 standard and housed in a corrosion resistant casing, which is flanked by two aluminium heat sinks and features an LED status indicator. Automatic battery detection means that this device will work seamlessly with either 12 V or 24 V batteries.

The CE approved Charge Mate Pro 40 is quick and easy to install, and is an effective solution when there is a need for charging that needs to be prioritised, or where the current needs to be limited while charging two batteries from one source.

Key features:
• Effective dual charging of batteries from one source
• Limits charge to the second battery to 40 A
• Prioritises main battery for high system reliability
• Blocks return current under all circumstances to stabilise onboard network
• Suitable for all types of charger or alternator
• IP67 rated electronics.
• Corrosion resistant casing with easy installation

Technical specifications:
Dimensions, hxwxd: 157 x 140 x 80 mm
Weight: 0.6 kg
Input voltage: 8-32 V
Battery voltage: Auto 12 V - 24 V detection
Output current: No more than 40 A
Switch on voltage: 13.5 V / 27 V after 5 sec.
Switch off voltage: 12.75 V / 24.5 V after 2 sec.
Number of batteries: 2
Connections: 3 fast-on connectors, plus 2 bolts
Operating temperature: -40 C to 60 C
Monitoring: LED warning and status display

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