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Indel Webasto Marine at the METS 2016: Presentation of the newly developed Drawer 16, Cruise Inox Clean Touch line and more

25 October 2016

From November 15 to 17, 2016 Indel Webasto Marine will be presenting its comprehensive range of marine products at the METS 2016 in Amsterdam, Hall 12, Booths 603 & 703. Highlights of the trade show presence are the new Clean Touch line, the expanded range of drawer refrigerators and freezers, Combi solutions and a new ice maker.

Isotherm Inox Clean Touch line
The latest development of the Cruise Elegance line is based on a new door design, capable to combine the worldwide-appreciated Elegance line features (excluded vent-lock function), with a door in stainless steel especially treated to avoid fingerprints (inox anti-fingerprint material). Ranging on four models, 49, 65, 85 and 130lt. units, it is made to resist typical marine’s application constrains. Isotherm Clean Touch line refrigerators will make your life better and easier, thanks to the perfect product fitting as well as a long lasting clean effect.

Isotherm Drawer 16 liters
The smallest and lightest drawer unit available on the market, unique with its friendly user digital interface. It is provided with stainless steel rails and door in stainless steel, painted in silver colour. The outer feeling is the highly appreciated Elegance design, provided with the typical product line’s features as the easy fix installation solution. Equipped with the state of the art BD 1.4F Secop compressor, it requires minimum installation space.

Isotherm Combi Line: Cruise 320 INOX
Unleash your fridge dreams by adopting the Combi line fridge solutions from isotherm. Thanks to the modular concept, different combinations can be accomplished, always based on an elegant stainless steel flush frame that surrounds solutions. Interesting hybrid mix are now possible, by composing as a unique frame fridge or freezers, as well as standard front door opening up to state of the art drawer units. Available on 220 (Cruise Fridge/Freezer) 260 (Cruise Fridge/Drawer Fridge) and 320 liters (Cruise 160 Fridge/Double Drawer 160, as per current model range) the series will be soon implemented by increasing products and possible combinations. Stainless steel finishing with special flush flange supplied as standard.

Isotherm Low Profile Ice Maker
The well-known Marine grade stainless steel design and the absolute performance features meet into a new Ice Maker unit, which can be easily located in small spaces; especially where the major constrain is the height of the device. Thanks to the condensing unit positioned on the back, the installation space required is minimal, allowing easy product fitting in areas where standard units are normally not compatible (under seats zones). The stainless steel flush flange allows its perfect fitting with the system ventilation (intake and exhaust) from the front only, in spite of a total recess of the unit. The high efficiency condenser and airflow conveyor in built have permitted the Ice Maker Low profile to be certified as ST class (operation granted up to +38°C)

Isotherm Cruise 42 Elegance
Following the success path of the Elegance line range, we are proud to introduce its newest entry level 42liter based, conveying the whole Elegance line features. It is available with the back mounted compressor installed on a special design L bracket, feasible to be removed up to 1 mt away from the cabinet. The possibility to remote the condensing unit, associated with the low depth cabinet design, make of Isotherm Cruise 42 the best-balanced refrigerator in terms of outer dimension and inner space availability for food & drinks. Easy to fit thus absolutely Elegant!

Isotherm Freeline 115 Elegance
The 115liters Freeline by Isotherm represents an evolution of the Elegance line, projected both for Marine & Recreational Vehicle markets. A spacious cabinet, 83liters capacity as fridge and 32liters as freezer, will welcome your food & drinks. At least 4 carton boxes of pizza can be stored in the freezer as the compartment is developed on a full width design. Characterized by supreme cooling performance thus a noticeable electrical efficiency. Equipped with a modern control panel that includes ITC/Eco functions like the overcooling mode (that stores energy in food & drinks if surplus of electricity is available), it allows easy operations, such as temperature setting, internal lighting and provided by blinking codes system for failure in the use.

Isotherm ITC Digital display
The ITC Digital Display clearly shows, control and regulate temperature in a refrigerated compartment from the exterior of a fridge/freezer cabinet. It is dedicated to people who desire a nice-looking interface and a refined product interaction, as well as reduce on board power consumption. Remote product interaction is extremely easy and accurate since data readings appear on the display, like temperature set or detected, selection of energy saving operations, choice of 3 battery protection levels and compressor’s operation mode settings, (ITC, Eco and Overcooling mode). Product integration is simple, since the device is fully compatible with control units IWM P/N SEG00002DA or SEG00024DA or SEG00030GA, (Secop / Danfoss version 101N0212, 101N0510 for BD35/50F and 101N0390 for BD80F), allowing both a recess flush installation and a wall mounted.

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