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Lower than expected temperatures for next few days; sea waves of up to 4 metres

13 July 2016

The latest weather prediction data show that a cold front moving in towards Italy straight from the Atlantic ocean is expected to bring lower than usual tempeartures over the Maltese islands over the next few days, starting on Thursday 14 but will be felt mostly during Friday 15 and the weekend, weather site reports

Thursday 14 July will see a high of 33C, with winds of Force 4/5 from West North West, while Friday is expected to be windier with a North Western Force 6 wind and temperatures will only reach a high of 29C.

During the weekend, on Saturday 16 July the maximum high will reach 31C, wind North West Force 5/6 later veers North Force 4/5 and on Sunday 17 July the highest temperature will reach 30C with calmer winds blowing from East North East at Force 3.

Such relatively lower temperatures will persist at least until Wednesday 20 and will start moving upwards once again later on.

Extreme caution is being recommended if you are planning to go swimming, especially on Friday 15 July, the website says. The map above shows that sea waves of up to 4 metres are to be expected in some areas on Friday (map shows GFS model for Friday afternoon). Red depicts higher sea waves.