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Daniela Spinelli - new Marketing and Communication Manager Palumbo Group Shipyards

19 May 2016

As half Italian/half American, Daniela Spinelli started her career working directly for the Admiral of the U.S. Navy’s Sixth Fleet in Naples, Italy. That is where her “strong commitment, dedication and loyal approach” to work comes from. Her Italian - Neapolitan half has blessed Daniela with a unique passion, strength and creativity.

“We invested 50 years of activity gaining an extraordinary experience while working on the largest commercial ships, ferries and yachts in the world. Our aim is to become the reference point in major maritime repair and refit, with an ever-expanding infrastructure within the Mediterranean. We will spend that know-how building our own superyachts under Columbus Yachts brand...and not only” . says Giuseppe Palumbo - CEO of Palumbo Group S.p.A. - welcoming Daniela Spinelli.

“After an extended period in the yachting sector” - Daniela said - “I face what I believe will be a great and significant opportunity in my career. I was fortunate to build on my experience in the yachting sector working side-by-side with very talented people. I’m happy to contribute parts of all of those talents, hopefully the best of each, which I will try to blend together toward building Palumbo’s future success. I believe Palumbo has a very powerful potential. I see where the family has spent the last 50 years of activity. They have dedicated resources, finance, and efforts building up what naturally became their mission.”

“Daniela was recruited for this role and appointed as Marketing and Communication Manager for the entire Group. She will be focused on building brand awareness, developing all the brands that fall under Palumbo’s Group reinforcing the strength of being part of such an important group with such a long heritage/ history” - says Giuseppe Palumbo.

“Our team has very specific goals. We will try to stress Palumbo’s key services, enhance the after sales network, be obsessed by our time sensitive philosophy on all work and deliveries. We will promote our in-house expertise together with the considerable eco friendly approach in new construction and Superyacht Refit areas. We will remain client-oriented and our products will be more and more technology oriented. We have ambitious marketing goals for the future which require an empowered Marketing Division. Malta, Marseille and Monaco will have locally assigned resources to follow local activities. Palumbo Headquarters will remain in Naples”.

For further details, please contact:
Palumbo Malta Shipyard Ltd.
The Docks, Ghajn Dwieli Road,
Paola PLA9056
Tel: 23960000
Fax: 21824027