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Voyager IP launches pre-paid VSAT and IT scheme

An innovative scheme by marine broadband solutions company Voyager IP will change the way customers can keep track of their VSAT and IT support services.

04 February 2016

The Irish-based company has just launched a proven points-based system where customers will be able to purchase service and support credits in advance and draw down on them as and when required.

Up until now, ship owners and management companies signed yearly VSAT and IT support service contracts that did not allow for refunds or credit if the services was not fully utilised in that time period.

The company says the scheme was born out of customer feedback and is in line with similar offerings available in the onshore ICT sector. Mark Elliott, Managing Director of Voyager IP said, "At the end of each calendar month we issue a report detailing where, when and how the points were used. It will help our customers identify specific on-board hardware replacement issues and crew training needs as well as providing a monthly cost analysis."

"Our scheme provides extra flexibility and customers signing up for yearly broadband services will benefit from 250 free VSAT and IT service credits which you can draw down as required," Mark continued.