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Marina di Varazze at Dusseldorf Boat Show (23 to 31 Jan 2016)

Top quality services and a strategic location: the perfect starting point to experience all the best of Liguria, Piedmont and the Mediterranean.

27 January 2016

As from the coming season, Marina di Varazze, the most advanced mooring facility on the western side of the Ligurian Riviera, will be offering a totally personalised ‘Luxury Concierge’ service to suit the lifestyles and vacation plans of customers owning any kind of vessel, from sailboats to motorboats.

Just over ten years after it first opened, Marina di Varazze, in its elegant setting surrounded by the luxuriant nature of the Ligurian coast, has become a landmark for yacht owners wanting to enjoy life freely and without worrying how their boat is being handled, so that they and their families can make the most of their time off.

Marina di Varazze is located just a few kilometres away from the international airport of Genoa, an ancient Maritime Republic where every laneway conceals centuries of history and whose newly renovated port has been converted into a leisure and entertainment centre featuring attractions such as the Aquarium and the Naval Museum. Situated alongside the popular northern Italian holiday resort of Varazze, Marina di Varazze is the perfect starting point – whether by yacht or by car – to discover Liguria’s world-renowned beauty.

Switzerland’s major cities are just over three hours away by car. Moreover, a convenient rail link with Genoa international airport, just 25 km away, means Marina di Varazze can easily be reached from anywhere in northern Europe by anyone wishing to relax and enjoy life at sea, even for just a weekend.

Marina di Varazze manager Giorgio Casareto says, “We’re firmly convinced that the way to strengthen the marina’s prestigious positioning and continue to manage it in the best possible way is to offer yacht owners the optimal quality/price ratio, worthy of a large, well-equipped marina set in a location of truly unique beauty and offering modern logistics, convenient connections, and every possible service.”

Culture, Art, Food and Wine, and splendid new places just waiting to be discovered

Owners experience Marina di Varazze not just as a mooring-place or a stopover on a holiday at sea – whether spent entirely on the boat, or staying in one of the town’s prestigious residences – but also as a starting point for exploring the spectacular destinations offered by our region and our seas. Corsica, Sardinia and the fascinating French Riviera are only a short sail away. Remaining in Ligurian waters, instead, it is possible to head east to discover Genoa, Portofino and the splendid Cinque Terre, or west to explore the ancient Ligurian hamlets dotting the coastline known as the “Riviera dei Fiori” and the marvels of its hinterland: small gems of tradition and culture.

And if the sea is not enough, Marina di Varazze lies just a few kilometres away from northern Italy’s major cities: Milan, now completely revitalized and even easier to reach thanks to recent investment in infrastructure for the Expo; and regal Turin, the biggest city in Piedmont, with its

wealth of artistic and cultural treasures: the Mole Antonelliana, the Egyptian Museum, the Holy Shroud, numerous art collections, the Museum of Film, secret underground routes, and a several royal residences. And of course, the regions around these cities are brimming with wonders just waiting to be discovered.

Piedmont, in particular, boasts countless cultural and gastronomic treasures. Asti is renowned worldwide for its sparkling wine production. The nearby Barolo and Monferrato districts are famous for their great wines. The Langhe area is known not only for its wines, but also for its delicious truffles. Moscato, Barbera, Dolcetto, Nebbiolo and Barbaresco are only a few of the red and white wines produced here, for which Italy is famous across the globe. Not to mention the royal palaces, sacred mountain sanctuaries, fascinating villages and medieval abbeys dotting the ancient Via Francigena pilgrimage route.

Luxury Concierge Service: a team ready to respond to your every need

This year, the Marina has added a Luxury Concierge service to its range of customised services: not just one person, but a whole team hard at work to help customers organise their tours and make the most of their free time, and ready to respond to all their requests, from transfers and transportation to every little detail of life on board.

We offer gastronomy, culture, natural beauty, entertainment, nightlife, relaxation, wellness - from hot springs to sports - and the most adventurous travel itineraries. All this makes up the Italian lifestyle for which our country is renowned the world over: a uniquely rich combination of ingredients that makes Italy, and the quality of our service, an experience to be lived and enjoyed down to the tiniest detail.

Our strategic location, allowing the utmost ‘freedom of movement’, is certainly one of our key strong points, but it’s definitely not the only one.

If you want to ‘live’ Marina di Varazze to the full, you’ll find it a lively, elegant place to be at any time of year. It offers a packed calendar of sports events of all kinds, including the 44 CUP winter regattas, sailing courses, events organised throughout the year for vintage car and motorbike fans, classic sailing events, concerts and cultural programmes. Our shopping gallery includes bars, restaurants and shops selling everything you need for life at sea and to care of your boat - services that will simplify even the longest-term stay.

“In Marina di Varazze, we have room for about 800 boats measuring up to 35 metres. We serve sailboat and motorboat owners with the utmost care, because we want them to feel at home here,” emphasises Liliana Molin Pradel, the Marina’s marketing manager. “Our Italian and German-speaking staff can handle any request, such as delivering the shopping aboard, arranging for catering and sommelier services, booking hotels and events, and providing onboard babysitting and beauty treatments. Moreover, our staff can provide a comprehensive range of boat care and maintenance services, as well as identifying and booking mooring spots in other harbours, arranging medical services, and handling bookings for spas, hot springs and beauty centres.

We have recently developed a series of new proposals responding to all kinds of requirements. Not only can boat owners choose whether to take care of their boats either partly or entirely on their own, but we also offer special packages for every kind of boat, allowing owners to pick and choose the services they require. We offer particularly advantageous rates for boats under 12 metres, special parts of the harbour for owners of 12- to 16-metre boats, all-inclusive formulas for yachts up to 20 metres, and special solutions permitting flexible moorage dates, with the opportunity to ‘freeze’ the rate for boats of over 20 metres. Finally, we also offer a truly competitive service for catamarans, which can avail of two basins for the price of one.”