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Ground-breaking reverse osmosis for yachts now in Malta

25 November 2015

Boatcare Trading Ltd is proud to announce that it has been appointed the official reseller for Schenker Watermakers, creators of a ground-breaking reverse osmosis system for yachts.

While traditional osmosis systems need high pressure pumps that generate between 1,000 and 1,200 Watts to produce 60 litres of freshwater per hour, Schenker Watermakers' newly-patented Energy Recovery System© only requires 240 Watts to produce the same amount of fresh water. This means that the Energy Recovery System© consumes up to 80% less energy than conventional systems and can even be directly powered from service batteries, thus excluding the need for an AC generator. This technology is also more reliable as it doesn't use high pressure pumps, which are the main cause of failures and maintenance problems. The new system can also be run when the motor is off, depending on the capacity of the service batteries.

The main advantages of the new technology are:

- Direct power supply from service batteries (12 or 24 VDC).
- Very low electric consumption (up to 80% lower than traditional systems)
- Very quiet and vibration free.
- High reliability
- Wide range available (from 30 to 210 lit/h)
- Excellent value for money.
- Full automatic operation (No adjustment is necessary when running) A Schenker watermaker produces very high quality fresh water. The average residual salt is about 300 parts per million, similar to a good quality bottled mineral water.

All Schenker Watermakers carry a 3-year guarantee and are available at Boatcare Trading Ltd's outlets in Msida and Portomaso, St Julian's. For more information please visit Schenker Watermakers Malta webpage or email

For further details, please contact:
Boatcare Trading Limited
Portomaso Marina
St. Julians PTM 01
Tel: 2138 8050
Fax: 2138 9655
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