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Sulfur requirements improve air quality

The stricter requirements on the sulfur content from 1 percent to 0.1 percent in shipping fuel introduced per. January 1, 2015, is the most likely cause of the sulfur dioxide content in the air being reduced by 50-60 percent.

19 October 2015

This is shown by measurements at three air monitoring stations that belong to DCE - Danish Centre for Environment and Energy. The monitoring stations are located in Tange, on Anholt and at Risø peninsula near Roskilde.

Senior scientist Thomas Ellermann, head of the DCE's air-monitoring program, said that measurements at the three stations show a clear decrease in the levels of sulfur dioxide during the period from the stringent standards for sulfur content in the fuel entered into force at the turn of the year. The expectation is that the measurement results for 2015 will also show a decline of 50-60 percent.

The content of sulfur dioxide may vary due to natural variations in meteorological conditions, but the very low concentrations of sulfur dioxide cannot be solely due to natural variations in meteorological conditions.