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Moorings relocation for the safety of swimmers and boats

05 March 2015

With reference to today's news conference organised by the Birżebbuga Local Council, regarding the boat moorings relocation project, Transport Malta wishes to clarify that it has in fact been meeting and consulting with the representatives of Għaqda Sajjieda Dilettanti (Birżebbuga), who represent the boat owners, for at least the past two years. It is also important to note that Transport Malta has also met with Local Council representatives very recently.

The relocation of these moorings is necessary for safety reasons. It is aimed at providing boat owners with moorings within a safe location, outside the swimming zone, within an organised system. This allows maximum utilisation of space and maneuverability whilst ensuring the safety of both boat users and bathers alike.

The relocation process was done through a public call for tenders. There were no objections to this, not even from the local council.

Transport Malta will do its utmost to assist, in any way it can, towards the achievement of the Blue Flag status for Pretty Bay. The unfounded claim made today by the Mayor that the relocation of moorings may jeopardize the blue flag project, may be regarded as highly unrealistic in view that similar arrangements already exist in other designated Blue Flag beaches.

In view of such developments Transport Malta takes note of the concerns and is again inviting the Local Council to come forward with practical and feasible solutions.