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Rotech Re-Enters Subsea Market

The Rotech Group has announced the launch of their new subsea business.

05 March 2015

Having previously built up and operated the Rotech Subsea mass flow excavation business from 1999, Rotech Subsea‘s equipment was subsequently sold to Reef Subsea UK in 2011.

Rotech Subsea in now back on the subsea market with the innovative "RS" range of subsea excavation equipment, offering a range of new capabilities from Controlled Flow Excavation and Dredging with the RS1 through to Cable Burial & Backfilling with the RS9.

Rotech Group's engineering & fabrication companies will again be responsible for the design and manufacturing of the new Subsea assets. Their focus will be the subsea commissioning, inspection, repair, maintenance and decommissioning markets.

The Rotech Group is an Aberdeen based company, expert in fluid dynamics, turbo-machinery, subsea engineering and fabrication, particularly focussed on downhole and subsea tools for the Oil & Gas and Renewable Energy sectors.

Rotech has appointed Stephen Cochrane as Director of Subsea. Stephen has over 15 years of combined topside and subsea experience in the offshore oil and gas, renewable energy and power industries where he has held senior positions in design, project management, business development and director roles.

Director of Engineering, Dr Don Stewart, said: "We are delighted to be bringing our new generation of excavation equipment to the market. The RS tools build on our knowledge and experience of subsea excavation, and will take us into markets and opportunities not available to traditional Mass Flow tools, with the new RS tools delivering higher jet speeds and combining jetting, suction and reburial capabilities."