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Aspects of Registration of Vessels under the Malta Flag

This is the notice of a course which is a must to those who are in any way connected with registration of vessels under the Maltese Flag.

08 January 2015

Course Outline - The course aims to give an introductory overview of the various aspects that relate to ship registration in Malta and the related industry.

Who should attend Lawyers, accountants, auditors, ship owners, marina managers, ship builders, marine insurers, local representatives of P & I Clubs, local ship agents and students interested in pursuing a career in shipping law.

Certificate A Certificate of Attendance will be issued to all participants indicating the attended sessions.

Dates 13th, 15th, 20th, 22st, 27th & 29th January; 3th, 5th & 17th February, 2015

Venue ILS Tuition Centre, 19/12 Vincenti Buildings, Strait Street, Valletta VLT1432

Participation Fee €325; Student Fee €125; Cheques are payable to Institute of Legal Studies Malta

Registration If you are interested kindly use our online registration form.


Session 1: Tuesday 13th January; 1600 - 1815hrs 

Lecturer: Dr. Jotham Scerri Diacono; Ganado Advocates
Malta as an Open Registry - the Role of the Flag
Lecturer: Mr. Peter Buhagiar; Transport Malta

Session 2: Thursday 15th January; 1530 - 1830hrs

Ship Types; Classification of Vessels and Classification Societies; The Paris Memorandum of Understanding and Flag State Inspection; ISM Code
Lecturer: Mr. Sergey Kuzmenko,DPA/CSO, Troy Ship Management Ltd

Session 3: Tuesday 20th January; 1530 - 1830hrs

An Overview of the Procedure for the Registration of Vessels in Malta
Lecturer: Mr. Michael Sillato; Ganado Advocates
Telecommunications and Radio Equipment on Board Vessels
Lecturer: Mr. Lino Axiaq

Session 4: Thursday 22st January; 1600 - 1800hrs

The Major Maritime Conventions
Lecturer: Dr. Norman Martinez (IMLI)

Session 5: Monday 27th January; 1600 - 1800hrs

Security: The ISPS Code, Piracy and Maltese Regulations Concerning PCASP
Lecturer: Captain Reuben Lanfranco, Maritime Consultant & Marine Surveyor

Session 6: Tuesday 29th January; 1530 - 1700hrs

Companies for non Maltese registered ships
Lecturer: Dr. Karl Grech Orr; Ganado Advocates
Ship Management Companies
Lecturer: Dr. Jan Rossi; Vella Advocates

Session 7: Thursday 3th February; 1600-1815hrs

Lecturer: Dr. Caroline Bencini; Ganado Advocates
Claims and Enforcement on Ships
Lecturer: Dr. Jotham Scerri Diacono; Ganado Advocates

Session 8: Thursday 5th February; 1530 - 1830hrs

Safe Manning, STCW & The Manila Convention
Lecturer: Lt. Cdr. Roger Baldacchino RN
The Maritime Labour Convention
Lecturer: Dr. Stefan Sant

Session 9: Tuesday 17th February; 1530 - 1830hrs

Yacht Registration
Lecturer: Dr. Anthony Galea; DF Advocates
Commercial Yacht Registration
Lecturer: Ing. Paul Cardona (Sn); MICS Ltd - Malta
Yachts - Malta Tax Aspects
Lecturer: Christine Cassar Naudi, Ganado Advocates
Discussion / Question Time

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