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UK-designed Flattens: Furling Battens nominated for 2014 DAME award

12 November 2014

The new Flatten furling batten has been nominated in the Design Award METS (DAME) awards at this year's Marine Equipment Trade Show (METS, 18-20th November 2014). Flattens were designed in the UK by Primrose Fry Technologies Ltd (PFT), this prestigious accolade is yet further confirmation that years of development have produced an outstanding product offering real benefits to the sailor.

The Flatten roller batten is a completely new concept in furling battens. Flattens are the only battens that roll, rather than bend. The innovative, patented bi-stable tube from which they are made removes, for the first time, the need to compromise in the sail design and function. Flattens offers comparable performance to fixed battens when sailing, whilst furling as easily and neatly as a non-battened sail.

Contender UK, major supplier of "best in class" fabrics and hardware products for sailmaking, distributes Flattens. For them, sails with Flattens can be designed with more roach and a flatter leech for optimum shape. The extra support helps create a more durable sail that can maintain its optimum shape for longer. Flattens offer high stiffness in both bending and compression resulting directly in a straighter leech and improved sail control for trimmers. Combine this with the highly stable furled position (they do not try to spring open unlike other furling battens) and zero performance drop off Flattens have over time and they are not only the best choice for performance but also in value for the sailor.

Flattens can be easily retrofitted to sails just by adding a specifically designed pocket that allows the batten to work perfectly. The batten can be left in sails and offers no obstacles to the use of a jib sock.
The DAME award winners will be announced at METS 2014 during the Breakfast Briefing at 8am on 18th November 2014. Flattens can be seen on the Contender stand (01.516) at METS, as well as at the entrance to the Holland Complex (halls 9-10-11) at the show alongside other nominees.

Flattens were developed by yachting stalwarts Dan Primrose and Simon Fry, owners of Primrose Fry Technologies (PFT). The pair spotted the potential of a globally patented technology that was developed originally for military use. They acquired exclusive rights to the material for marine applications and commissioned the Flatten design. At the same time, they developed the Flatten Pocket to ensure optimal performance and longevity.

Engineered and manufactured in Great Britain, Flattens are available for jibs on boats from 20ft to 55ft across two specifications, the FL030 and FL050. Both types are stocked in standard lengths of 450mm, 750mm and 1000mm with custom lengths also available.