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The new 2011 Tohatsu TLDI range

10 January 2011

Tohatsu Motor Corporation Japan announces the launch of the new 2011 Tohatsu TLDI range.


If you're looking for a mid-range outboards, Tohatsu 40 TLDI® is the smallest and most powerful outboard in the market with air-assisted direct fuel injection.

The TLDI® lineup was organized to offer the best possible choice of powerful, durable, and environmentally conscious outboards. It is notable that Tohatsu won the "Editor's Choice Award" from Motorboating Magazine for this technology!

Any Tohatsu TLDI® you choose, you'll experience the toughness that is structured with award-winning technology and the true reliability.


The Tohatsu 50 TLDI® leads the way of new technology! The Tohatsu 50 TLDI® is one of the smallest outboards in the market with air-assisted, direct fuel injection. This outboard provides exceptionally smooth operation and outstanding performance simultaneously providing brilliant fuel and oil efficiency.

This outboard is every boater's dream. It is notable that Tohatsu even won the Motorboating magazine's "Editor's Choice Award" with this new outboard! Tohatsu are definitely confident to state that "the 50 TLDI® is the outboard to buy for the 21st century!".

Tohatsu have added this new low-pressure air/fuel delivery system to their proven engine block to provide an outboard that is cleaner for the environment while also providing the exceptional performance you expect from a Tohatsu. This compact yet powerful outboard engine provides lower oil and fuel consumption. The 50 TLDI® weighs up to 15% less than competitor's 4-stroke outboards and meets all 2006 EPA emission regulations.


The Tohatsu 75 TLDI® has exactly what all mariners need on their boat: power without all of the extra weight! Loaded with many of the same features as the 90 hp, the 75 TLDI® is the perfect choice when you need just a little bit less horsepower.

The 75 hp provides incredible oil and fuel savings (anywhere from 12% to 71% depending on RPM) by utilizing an air-assisted direct fuel injection system to mix air and fuel precisely. This powerful TLDI® outboard performs almost complete burn to reduce emissions while keeping the quality and durability that has become associated with Tohatsu outboards.


The Tohatsu 90 TLDI® is one of the premier members of the new generation of direct injection outboards. Tohatsu developed the TLDI® lineup to offer the best possible choice of environmentally aware yet powerful outboards to consumers.

The 90 TLDI® provides significant increases in fuel and oil economy while providing a decrease in hydrocarbon emissions through the exhaust. This in turn gives a clean and quiet boat ride at a minimized operating cost.

The Tohatsu 90 TLDI® gives every boater a truly reliable outboard while providing advanced technology!


TLDI® outboards provide the environmental offerings of four-strokes while never compromising the powerful running performance of two-strokes. With its three step adjustable trolling speed control, quick acceleration response, compact size, and fuel economy unlike any other, TLDI® can support a wide range of needs for both the pleasure and commercial boater alike. TLDI® continues the long standing Tohatsu tradition of anticipating the tough demands of the next generation of boaters.

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