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Franky Zapata of ZAPATA RACING started to develop the Flyboard® during Spring 2011. Their experience in racing Jet Skis and understanding of water propulsion allowed them to develop prototypes in record time.

After several prototypes success was evident when they were able to get out of the water and stabilize in the air thanks to the under feet propulsion and the hand stabilization. Next began the work on improving the flight intuitivism. Patents were filed in INPI and the Flyboard® was introduced during the World Championship in China.

Zapata Racing posted a video on YouTube which was visited more than 2.5 million times in 15 days, many TV rebroadcasts were scheduled and many shows are organized in the more prestigious areas like Las Vegas…

Zapata Racing was able to do in a few days what our competitors do in one year.

A few words from the Inventor, Franky Zapata

"I started the jet in 1996, when I was 17 years old, by the smallest category, which is the original stand up Jet Ski, in France Championship.

All these years have been as beautiful as they have been difficult. I often fought alone and against the biggest factories in the world.

Until the day I had been contacted to join one of them, after winning over them, in 2005. This is when I became official pilot of SEA DOO-BRP. From the beginning, I chose to create my own team in order to be able to manufacture the Uet skis myself, and, to have the best product possible. All the difficulties I encountered during all these years, because of having my own stable, are my main asset today, my best quality. Because of financial problems, I have been forced to be on all the posts, sportive and professionals, sometimes designer of my races' hulls, but as well motorist, mechanical, developer and even commercial to prospect sponsors, and to develop a network of distribution for my parts.

Since I started, I have been used to work with important inequalities. My main competitors only had to focus on running, and the teams they were running for had several millions dollars of annual budget. Despite all this, we often manage to beat them. Today, my biggest asset, my strength, is the experience I won during all these years of running, working, by being pilot and designer of the jet ZAPATA RACING®. I have been able to create jet skis much more accomplished and much more powerful than the ones of my competitors.

I develop them from day to day, I'm paying attention and I'm quick to react to the expectations and needs ' evolution. Today, with my stand up jet skis, I have accomplished my bet. My jet skis represent 70% in the starting block of regionnal, national and international championships. From now on, my long term goal is to develop and to ensure the continued existence of my company and brand ZAPATA RACING®. With the creation of our new 3 seaters, I think ZAPATA RACING® will last for quite some time."


Description The Flyboard® is a watersports apparatus which allows propulsion underwater and in the air, it could be compared to a powered wakeboard.

The Flyboard® comes complete with the Electronic Management Kit which allows operation of the PWC throttle, kill switch and starter from the Flyboard®. This method allows for better flight precision and its intuitive use provides the Flyboard® Operator exceptional sensations. Usually after about 20 minutes you can already move underwater like a dolphin and challenge the gravity like superman!

The nozzles under your feet put out 90% of the propulsion and allows movement by tilting your feet and tilting the Flyboard®. The nozzles on the hands put out 10% of the propulsion and are used to help stabilization much the same way as ski poles.

As stated by the Developer, Franky Zapata: "The Flyboard® encompasses all my passions: the jetski, ski, snowboard and acrobatic dives."


As explained previously the Flyboard® is very intuitive: similar to learning to ride a bike, waterski, surfing, skating or any other activity that requires a little balance.

Find your balance and you will be flying like a bird or swimming through the water like a dolphin! Between 5 to 20 minutes are needed to learn the basics of the Flyboard® with an instructor. It takes about 3 hours of training to master the maneuvers and understand the operation of the Flyboard®. Then you will be able to take off from water and enjoy your Flyboard® for hours!

FLYBOARD (Basic Kit)

  • 1 BOARD
  • 1 ROTATION SYSTEM (composed of specific plastic bearing balls in order to avoid corrosion, we developed a self-cleaning system using water pressure which allows the rejection of sand…)
  • 2 HOSES with handle with nozzles attached to the arms with a Velcro system
  • 1 BIG HOSE which provides pressured water from the PWC to the Flyboard
  • 1 180° ELBOW which reverses the PWC water outlet
  • 1 NOZZLE
  • 1 QUICK CLIP for an easy uncoupling between the Flyboard and the PWC
  • 1 ADAPTATOR which is different according to the PWC model which allows adaptation between PWC and the nozzle

Electronic Management Kit

  • 1 RIGHT HAND TRIGGER which send a signal to an electronic card in the PWC
  • 1 LEFT HAND COMODO START/STOP and Emergency stop
  • 1 ELECTRIC CABLE links with the electronic card
  • 1 ROTATION SYSTEM COMPOSED OF SPECIFIC PLASTIC BEARING BALLS which allows the rotation of the thread inside the hose
  • 1 ELECTRONIC SYSTEM composed of a learning mode which manage power
  • 1 ELECTRIC BEAM to connect the PWC (start/stop, cut out box)
  • 1 ELECTRICAL MOTOR (inside the electric box) 1
  • ACCELERATOR CABLE (different according to the PWC model which links the electrical motor and throttle body)


All purchasers of the Flyboard® must complete an Operators course. This course will be arranged by the Dealer or Instructor that you purchase your board from. Training must be completed prior to receiving the Flyboard®. All trainees and Operators must be 18 years of age or older.

Available at:

Flyboard Malta
'Caravel', Triq tal-Qattus,
Birkirkara BKR4409
Tel: (+356) 21441530
Fax: (+356) 21440746
Mob: (+356) 99471644

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