SM-3DB Dig Day/Night Vision Binocular

The Models
The SM-3DB Series comprises 3 models

  • The SM-3DB8 with 8 times magnification
  • The SM-3DB11 with 11 times magnification
  • The SM-3DB VARIO with variable magnification 0.6 to 8 times


  • Bright sunlight will not cause damage
  • No damage from bright lights at night
  • No blooming or night-light effects
  • Tireless viewing with both eyes
  • IR Illuminator for use in total darkness
  • Large, 2.5” Hi res TFT-LCD Monitor
  • Record using Standard Composite Video
  • Battery charging via mains or car adaptors

Unlike many night vision devices which can only be used at night, the SM-3DB digital binocular can be used day or night without damage to the camera. The SM-3DB is perfect for longrange detection, navigation assistance & surveillance at sea or on land. It comes complete with an IR illuminator for use in total darkness & has a standard composite video output for on screen viewing or recording to DVR.

The binocular wses a silicon high sensitive state of the art CCD (Charge Coupled Device) camera with an electronic accumulation & signal multiplication system & built-in high resolution TFT-LCD monitor.

Using a four-stage automatic control & an anti-blooming system, the SM-3DB operates successfully in a wide range of lighting conditions from 0.0005 lux (starlight) to 30,000 lux (sunny day,) without having to adjust contrast or brightness.

The SM-3DB has similar performance to night vision devices of the 2+generation, however it is more reliable & more cost-effective when compared to 2+ or Gen 3 night vision devices.

IR-530-3 (800) Illuminator
Supplied as standard, & designed for use at night at ranges up to 400m, the IR-530-3 (800) is a powerful illuminator which comprises an IR emitting LED with 800nm wavelength. Invisible to the naked eye, the illuminator has output power adjustment & radiation divergence control & is used to “light up” the surrounding area of the target. The module is removable from the Binocular & is powered by a separate 3v battery. (See options for longer range devices available).

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