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The Camping World of Marsascala, Malta have made available in Malta the whole range of Thule products which includes, amongst other interesting items, a range of Water Sports Carriers which gives sportsmen all they need to transport Kayaks, Canoes and other small floating crafts with their cars.

Thule manufactures a vast range of load carriers to fit all makes of cars. These load carriers are stylish and thus enhances the looks of any car, while at the same time they are highly functional. Another feature is that they will not deteriorate or rust, and are sure to actually outlast the car on which they are fitted.

These load carriers will then be used to fix any kind of specialised carriers, including Bike Carriers, Roof Boxes, Ski Carriers, Water Sports Carriers, Carrier Baskets, Special Carriers and even allows for Cargo Management.

All Thule Water Sports Carriers have a few important features in common. They are easy to load and take good care of your gear. Most important, though, is that your kayak, canoe, board or dinghy sits securely in place when you’re on the move.

These carriers add a whole new dimension to the carrying capacity of your car, ensuring that you can transport everything you need using innovative, ingenious solutions.

There are various models available which includes:

Thule Hull-a-Port Pro
Tiltable, space saving and easy-to-load kayak carrier.

  • Folds down to the level of the load carrier, so there is no need to take it off when not in use.
  • Stable, space-saving design.
  • Pads with extremely thick felt layer to protect the hull.
  • Powerful straps keep the kayak/canoe firmly secured.
  • A rubber pad around the strap buckle protects the kayak/canoe and the car from scratches during loading and transport.
  • Easy mounting system

Thule Hydroglide
Easily loaded by one person.

  • Felt-lined rear supports for easy loading. Simply slide the watercraft up onto the car roof.
  • Powerful straps and adjustable rubber support on the front holder keep the kayak firmly secured.
  • A rubber pad around the strap buckle protects the watercraft and the car from scratches during loading and transport.

Thule Kayak Carrier
Adapts perfectly to the shape of the kayak.

  • Four adjustable rubber supports keep the kayak stable during transport.
  • Powerful straps keep the kayak firmly secured.
  • Rubber protection for buckle protects your kayak and the car while facilitating the loading process.
  • A rubber pad around the strap buckle protects the kayak and the car from scratches during loading and transport.

Thule Canoe Carrier
Made for canoes and other small boats.

  • Soft support pads for protection.
  • Secured with straps.
  • Carries one canoe or small boat.

Thule Multi-Purpose Carrier
For all kinds of accessories.

  • For transporting oars, paddles, masts, etc. up to 10cm in diameter.
  • Integrated cable locks to secure accessories.
  • Carries up to three oars, paddles, etc.
  • Available in a set of two.

Thule Wave Surf Carrier
Specially designed for surfboards.

  • The board sits in a soft, protective rubber cradle.
  • Secured with straps.
  • Carries up to two boards.

Thule Sailboard Carrier
Developed by surfers for surfers.

  • Classic Thule product used by windsurfers and surfers around the world.
  • Secured with straps.
  • Carries one board and two masts.
  • Protective pads included.

For further information or for a catalogue please contact The Camping World on telephone 9949 4347 or e-mail

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