WHALE - Supersub Smart 650

Whale have introduced their new Supersub Smart 650, a low profile automatic bilge pump. This pump is suitable for power boats, sailing boats and personal watercraft. This low profile bilge pump is a fully automatic bilge water removal pump with a market leading flow rate. Features include quick and easy installation, it is unaffected by wave motion, environmentally friendly (mercury free), includes manual override facility, has solid state switching without any moving parts.

Using electric field sensor technology, the patented electric field sensor automatically detects the water level.

Utilising a narrow design ideal for tight spaces, it also conforms to ISO 8849 and ISO 15083, ignition protected per ABYC and USCG standards, and CE Certified Directive 89/336/EEC - EMC complaint.

Available at:

IMC - International Marine Centre
Testaferrata Street,
Tel: (+356) 2133 2747
Fax: (+356) 2134 3871
Email: info@imc.com.mt
Website: http://www.imc.com.mt

Technical Specifications
75mm x 54mm x 212mm
Max Current:
12 Vdc
0.326 kg (0.71 lbs) kg
Data Sheet:
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