JABSCO - Ultra Washdown Pump

Jabsco® (www.jabsco.com), the recognized leader in the marine pump industry, has announced the new Jabsco high pressure Ultra 7.0 Washdown Pump.  Designed for performance and durability, this Jabsco 7.0 GPM washdown pump provides the highest pressure and flow rates making the task of cleaning any boat or dock fast and easy.  With the included 35 amp main breaker, this washdown system can easily be installed on almost any size boat without the need for extensive rewiring.

The Ultra 7.0 Washdown Pump is suitable for use in fresh or salt water, is self-priming up to 8 feet (2.5m), and can be mounted above or below the water supply in a dry location.  The pump runs dry and is designed with sealed motor housings making it corrosion resistant.  It also includes soft rubber mounts for vibration isolation, snap-fit port fittings for easy installation, and a Pumpgard™ intake strainer for reliability.  The Ultra Washdown Pump is available in 12 and 24 VCD models, and as with all Jabsco marine pumps, is ISO 8846 and CE approved.

For many years, Jabsco PAR MAX washdown pumps have been the preferred system for cleaning marine vessels, making it an industry standard.  That’s because all Jabsco products are specifically designed to fit the expressed needs of OEMs and boating enthusiasts alike.

Available at:

IMC - International Marine Centre
Testaferrata Street,
Tel: (+356) 2133 2747
Fax: (+356) 2134 3871
Email: info@imc.com.mt
Website: http://www.imc.com.mt

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