RULE - High Speed Inflator/Defaltor

This new super-fast air pump cuts inflation time for a typical four man dinghy to less than 2 minutes – far quicker than using a foot pump! The unit is supplied with a whole range of adjustable nozzles to fit plastic, rubber and sprung valves, on all major brands, from Avon to Zodiac. 

The pump can also be used for other types of inflatable products, such as RIBs, marker buoys, even PVC airbeds. In Deflator mode, it eUables every last ounce of air to be removed making it much easier to re-pack and stow the inflatable after use.

The unit also has a built in temperature sensitive valve that prevents over inflation and also protects the pump from overheating.

Lightweight, compact yet with a rugged construction, the new Rule Inflator/Deflator is simple to use and is powered from a standard 12 volt boat or car battery, drawing a maximum of 28 Amps and producing an airflow of 550 lpm.

Available at:

IMC - International Marine Centre
Testaferrata Street,
Tel: (+356) 2133 2747
Fax: (+356) 2134 3871

Technical Specifications
135mm high, 55mm hand grip diameter
Max Current:
25 A
910 g kg
Data Sheet:
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